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28 Wilkie is a progressive Italian fine-dining restaurant headed by Chef de Cuisine, Matteo Ponti. Located in a conservation shophouse, the elegant restaurant showcases artisanal, seasonal produce that Chef Matteo grew up with in Piemonte, Northwest Italy alongside exquisite ingredients from around the world.

The kitchen’s sustainable, minimal-waste approach results in a deftly innovative, contemporary cuisine that remains firmly rooted in the hearty and comforting flavours of Mama Ponti’s kitchen. Established in 2017, 28 Wilkie is the first The House of Louis XIII outside of France, and one of two Dom Pérignon Houses in Singapore. It also boasts a caviar bar created in partnership with Singapore-founded Caviar Colony.


Chef De Cuisine
Matteo Ponti

29-year-old Chef Matteo started his kitchen journey at the tender age of three with his parents in the Piemonte countryside in Italy. He was taught by his parents to cherish and maximise every ingredient that passed through their hands, to avoid wasting any produce that they grew or reared themselves.

Chef Matteo has worked in kitchens throughout the European continent, ranging from France and Malta to Belarus. He has catered to fine-dining banquets cooking for hundreds of guests, which taught him important lessons in adaptability and precision.

Moving to Singapore in 2014, Chef Matteo has risen to head the kitchen at 28 Wilkie, bringing with him the wealth of experience he has gathered. Holding true to his roots, Chef Matteo strives towards a minimal-waste, sustainable kitchen that marries the science of modern cooking with the history of his heritage.


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