Located in the district 9 of Singapore, 28Wilkie is a modern Italian restaurant with a fusion of Japanese delight. The restaurant specializes in serving their own brand of caviar, beer, wines, and vodka. The restaurant carries the exclusive label, Tyrol Vodka from Austria that is known for its high distillery of up to 11 times. Under its wide range of drink selection, they also serve Shangrila Beer from Tibet, China.

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We are on stronger footing when it comes to the actual food, where equal parts Italian and Japanese add up to a cohesive whole. Head chef Kenny Huang is Chinese but you could easily be eating in an Italian restaurant in Tokyo, given his precise plating and fluid ideas that translate smoothly without hiccups.

There are no gimmicks in this menu of well-honed, European cuisine which is familiar without breeding contempt, thanks to the chef's culinary linguistics. Maybe next time, we'll bring a serious credit card with us, and find out once and for all just how nutty caviar can be. Click here for the full details.


We kicked things off with the Capesante Con Caviale, featuring perfectly seared Hokkiado scallops, green pea purée, Siberian caviar and a refreshing lemongrass foam. This antipasto dish is a must-try for caviar lovers – those tiny Siberian gems were rich, decadent and entirely exquisite.

28 Wilkie is a fantastic spot for an intimate dinner date, but you can also book the restaurant space for a private event or a cosy wedding celebration. In fact, my partner and I spent the evening discussing about how lovely it’d be to hold our wedding here – now we’re just waiting for the proposal to happen! Click here for the full details.


Dr. Leslie Tan paid us a visit and we had a great time sharing with him our own range of caviar selection. An excerpt from Dr. Tan "Had an interesting lunch at 28Wilkie, Singapore's first Caviar bar. They bring in 4 different types of caviar themselves which are harvested from farms which they invested in. The top of the line is the Kaluga caviar which takes 14 years before the sturgeon eggs are harvested! This might be the start of a new dining trend in Singapore!" Click here for the full details.


I had a taste of 28Wilkie’s special Hybrid Caviar, and I was astounded by the unique seaweed green colour of the caviar, along with how creamy it was; almost similar to ikura, but with a much stronger and brinier taste of the sea. I left 28Wilkie that night with my beliefs about caviar completely turned upside down. Click here for the full details.


I never thought there would be that much difference between caviars but this opportunity to try three types at one go opened my eyes. The Hybrid was the most complex and creamiest. And as much as I loved that, it was the Kaluga that blew me away. There was a pristineness to this most expensive one that gave it an unrivaled edge. Click here for the full details.