Kenny Huang

// Kenny Huang

As a young and innovative Chef de Cuisine, Kenny begun his culinary journey in the kitchen at an early age, working in his father’s restaurant where he started off as an apprentice to his father.

Soon after, as his experience grew alongside his knowledge for fine cuisine, Kenny then moved on to begin his career in a Japanese Kitchen inculcating Italian ingredients. Thereafter, Chef Kenny Huang wanted to take on the challenge in an authentic fine dining restaurant where he held a demi chef position for a year at Iggy’s. This is where he soon got inspired with the fine arts of food, in particular Italian Cuisine.

Moving to Italy was then the next challenge that Chef Kenny Huang planned, in which he was trained under multiple master chefs where he jumped on the opportunity to work in a Michelin-star restaurant in Northern Italy in Piedmont. With the increase of knowledge in the Italian culture as well as the cuisine, Kenny then moved around Italy to further immerse himself in the culture.

Chef Kenny Huang spent a few years in Italy before making his way back to Singapore where he took up the position as Sous Chef at the Lighthouse Restaurant where he organized and led a team of chefs for multiple events and guest chefs that held exclusive dinners.

Soon after, he then challenged himself to take on the role as Chef de Cuisine for 28 Wilkie Restaurant, creating menus, inculcating both Italian and Japanese ingredients. His culinary skill is very much evident and thus his creativity is revealed upon each plate sent out, with his heartfelt emotion for food and the fine methods used to cook the array of courses. With natural flavor which he implements in each dish and his eye for detail in the presentation, Chef Kenny hopes to create an unforgettable experience for each guest.